Why do you wear high heels?


The truth is that wearing high heels can be an adventure.

Walking gracefully in high heels is a learning experience. Once you learn how, usually after a lot of missteps, you still have to deal with the potential pain.

At the end of a high heel session, your feet often hurt. And depending on your feet and your shoes, the pain may begin after eight hours or after one hour. Yet, many of us will continue to wear high heels no matter how much pain we may experience.

Some wise man once defined insanity as "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

So are high heel wearers insane?

I will admit that when I slip on a pair of heels, I hope the experience will be pain-free. And sometimes it is, yet at the end of the day, I am still happy to remove my heels!

Abby of Vivian Lou fame mentioned that the former editor-in-chief of British Vogue Alexandra Shulman said, "Wearing a heel gives you a completely different feel about your body. In my case, it makes me feel in control."

Abby added, "Dolly Parton has said she wears heels to lift her spirits, shoe designer Charlotte Olympia Dellal wears heels to feel taller, sexier, more confident, powerful, and glamorous, Harper's Bazaar global fashion director Carine Roitfeld wears heels to move, sit and speak differently, fashion designer Monique Lhuillier wears heels to feel empowered and rocker Lita Ford wears heels for attitude."

Like they said and I wear heels because my mother was my role model. Whenever Mommy dressed up, she wore heels. So whenever I dress up, I wear heels ("like mother, like daughter").

What's your excuse? Why do you wear high heels?

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High Heels Forever!


I love high heels! So much so that I own over a 100 pairs.

The second piece of woman's apparel I ever wore were my mother's high heels (after I slipped on a pair of her nylons). Since that initial crossdressing experience, I almost always wear high heels when I present as a woman. Occasionally I joke that this whole transgender thing is just an excuse to wear high heels.

Without a doubt, wearing high heels is the most difficult thing about presenting as a woman.

Walking gracefully in high heels is an art.

And then there is the pain! Wearing a girdle, waist cincher or clip-on earrings can be painful at times, but you can almost always count on wearing high heels becoming a painful experience sooner or later.

Despite the drawbacks, I'll give up my Louboutins when you pry them from my cold, dead hands.

Abby of Vivian Lou fame feels the same way and she offers some tips in her blog to make your high heel experience as painless as possible.

👠 How to stop feet from slipping forward in high heels.

👠 How to walk up and down stairs in high heels.

👠 Why not to wear the same pair of high heels every day.

As Abby says, "Here's to high heels without the hurt!"

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Sizes: Good News and Bad News

The Bad On Friday, I mentioned buying a new Rago bra and girdle. The garments arrived Friday afternoon and I tried them on to see how they fit. I ordered the bra and girdle sizes that I usually wear, so I was very disappointed that both items were too small. I put the girdle on OK and it hugged me like a glove, but it was not long enough. Although it is billed as "high waisted," it barely reached my waistline and was obviously not designed for women who are 5 feet 14 inches tall. I returned it for a refund. The bra was very tight. The cups were a perfect fit for my breasts, but the band was too small by about an inch and a half, so I sent it back and ordered the next larger band size. If you purchase this bra, I advise you to order it one band size larger than the size you think you need. The Good
I joined JustFab about four years ago. On the first day of each month, they email me suggestions of new footwear that match my style requirements. They have a nice selection of shoes and boots at reasonable prices (about $40 a pair), but size 11 was the largest size they offered. Sometimes 11 fits me, so early on, I ordered some heels from JustFab, but I had to return them because they were too small. Even though I stopped buying footwear from JustFab, they kept emailing me new suggestions every month and every month, I rejected their suggestions. (If I don't reject them, they bill me after the 5th of the month whether I choose something or not.) Retro-girl that I am, I have had a hankering for a pair of white booties. So when the monthly JustFab email arrived on Sunday, I decided to explore their offerings just for the heck of it and lo and behold, they had a pair of white booties to die for... if they only offered them in my size! And then I noticed that they had the boots in size 12! I checked other boots and shoes that they offered and discovered that most of them also had a size 12 option. I had no idea that JustFab started selling size 12's! When did that happen? Needless to say, I ordered the booties and they are on their way.
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Wearing JustFab (Source: JustFab)
Mart Müürisepp
Mart Müürisepp femulates Nancy Sinatra on Estonian television's Your Face Sounds Familiar.

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