What Are Breast Forms Made Of (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


For the first time wearer of breast forms the choice with regards suitability can be overwhelming since there are so many materials they can be made of and they come in many different shapes and sizes. What a breast form is made out of will often be determined by budget, quality/realism, how it is to be used (daytime wear, sleeping, leisure or exercise etc). Most commercial breast forms are made of:

  • Silicone Gel
  • Other gel substances
  • Latex or rubber

The majority are manufactured from silicone gel but there are also scores of materials used for home-made breast forms. Although silicone and latex breast forms are still the most expensive, over the last 10 years they have come down in price with the introduction of many Chinese manufactures. Nowadays, vendors like feminization.us offer affordable silicone breast forms from under $50 a pair, for example, which was unheard of ten years ago.

With the wide variety of materials used to make breast forms, which is the best and how does the different material used affect how real the forms are?

SILICONE BREAST FORMS: The most widely used of any breast form prostheses. These are made by pouring silicone gel into a mould lined with an outer PU (clear plastic) shell which protects the silicone gel and maintains the shape of the breast. Most crossdresser/transgender breast forms will have a darker, life-like areola and nipple set in the bottom of the mold first with the lighter flesh silicone gel poured on top.

Advantages of Silicone Breast Forms: Softer than anything else, most closely approximates flesh breasts in weight, touch, movement, droop and coloring.

Disadvantages of Silicone Breast Forms: Can be damaged by sharp edges, extreme heat or cold. More expensive than most other materials. Difficult to color match unless using the newer more expensive specialist silicone breast forms like the Real Breast.


PALS, NON-SILICONE GEL BREAST FORMS: One of the alternative gel formulas to silicone is Pals which are manufactured with a non-silicone, non-toxic gel. Although Pals come as a shaped breast form they can be safely customized to your chest by trimming with a craft knife or even scissors. There is no outer plastic skin with a Pals prostheses so they are more durable than silicone forms, but the trade-off is they are more dense and heavier than silicone breast forms.

Advantages of Pals Gel Breast Forms: Full five year guarantee, can’t be punctured so much more durable than silicone. Unlike silicone forms, Pals are porous so they will absorb makeup and you can color to your exact skin tone. Can be slept in safely.

Disadvantages of Pals Gel Breast Forms: Harder and heavier than silicone breast forms and so not as free moving as silicone. No medical grade adhesive available to go braless.

LATEX OR RUBBER BREAST FORMS: Traditionally these have been a cheaper type of breast form. Latex rubber forms are often filled with much cheaper foam rubber so they are not a solid breast form. Today there are however some professional prosthetic-makers who use latex to make high-end realistic breastforms and body-suits for crossdressers and transgendered individuals.

Advantages of Latex/rubber Breast Forms: Possible to find cheap breast forms and breast plates made with latex rubber outer but they have a foam filler interior.

Disadvantages of Latex/rubber Breast Forms: These breast forms are not solid and so have cheaper and much lighter filling material like foam so they cannot replicate the weight, touch, movement of a silicone breast form.


FOAM BREAST FORMS: Breast forms made of foam are primarily an affordable prosthesis that gives the very best approximation of shape of a real breast but none of the qualities of weight, droop, feel etc. For a long-time they were the go-to product for those not able to afford silicone. However, they also have a secondary use which is very much in vogue for crossdressers and transgender individuals and that is for sleeping in since they cannot be damaged.

Advantages of Foam Breast Forms: Good cheap alternative to silicone giving a good shape that lasts. A great sleep breast form since they maintain their shape and cannot be damaged if pressure is placed on them whilst sleeping.

Disadvantages of Foam Breast Forms: Normally made from neutral color memory-type foam that is slightly stiffened to maintain shape and can get dirty quickly as foam is absorbent/porous. Also, foam breast forms have none of the weight, droop or feel of a real breast and so there is minimal movement with the body making it look and feel a little un-natural.


HOME-MADE BREAST FORMS: There are so many materials a home-made breast form can be made of and the following are just a sample:

  • Water inside balloons. Still used by many starter crossdressers as the materials are so cheap and readily available though can break easily and need good support due to the weight.
  • Birdseed/rice etc inside stockings/pantyhose. Although nothing like the weight of a real breast these are a great alternative as they give a realistic shape with droop and some movement. Also good cheap method for producing different sizes. Other materials can include rubber pellets etc from craft stores.
  • Home-made gel forms inside balloons or food bags. These are a great way to produce a breast form approximating the weight, feel, droop and movement of a real breast at a fraction of the cost of a silicone breast form. Materials used can include silicone from caulking guns and even the powder from diapers that turns to silicone-like gel on contact with water. This can get messy so take appropriate measures.


As you can see, breast forms are made of many different materials but the more realistic are certainly the gel type of forms whether commercial grade or home-made. Whatever your budget or use intended there are many options open to you. The feminization.us breast form selection covers many of the different materials used from a basic pair of silicone breast forms a pair to a high-end, ultra-realistic looking breast form . The point is you have options and can even choose to make your own if you have the time and patience.