How to Look Extra Sexy This Summer (MTF Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

Summer is around the corner (here in the Northern Hemisphere at least) and I couldn’t be more excited!

While warm weather has its beauty challenges, summer a great time to be a girl. There’s nothing like stepping out en femme in a cute sundress or sexy bikini.

Ready to turn a few heads this season?

Here are 7 tips – specifically for crossdressers and transgender women – to help you look extra sexy and feminine this summer.

1. Don a pair of oversized sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses are trendy, sexy, and glamorous. The secret to pulling them off in style is to choose flattering frames:

  • If you have angular features, choose rounded frames to balance out your face.
  • If you have a round face, angular frames are most flattering.

2. Highlight your hair

Nothing says summer like highlights, so add some highlights to your hair or pick up a highlighted wig. By the way, girls of all ethnicities can wear highlights. Auburn or chocolate highlights look fabulous with dark hair.

3. Get a spray tan

Suntans are sexy and make your body look thinner and more toned. But instead of frying in the sun or messing with self tanners, why not indulge in a spray tan from a salon? Spray tans cost $25-$50 and last about a week, so they’re a great thing to do before a special event or girly photo shoot.

4. Change your perfume

Changing your perfume is a great way to get into the mood for summer. Take a break from heavy, musky fragrances and choose something light and fruity for the summer. My current favs are Fresh Sugar Lemon, DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom, and Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh.

5. Go totally bare

There is nothing as sexy as smooth silky skin, so why not go totally bare and remove ALL your body hair for the summer? I guarantee you’ll feel very girly! You’ll also feel cooler and smell fresher – another plus for the feminine experience.

6. Try a colorful eyeliner

Colorful eyeliner is a big trend right now and it’s a perfect look for the summer. Try a touch of blue, green, or purple eyeliner on your upper or lower eyelids. (Avoid pink eye liner since it can make your eyes look tired.) Keep the rest of your makeup muted.

7. Invest in a new dress

For my last tip, I am giving you permission to go shopping! A sexy new sundress is a great way to kick off the summer. Look for flowing, gathered styles to create the illusion of curves.

Let’s see your summer look!

Whether or not you plan to step out in public, summer is a great time to indulge your feminine self. Do you have any special plans for the season?

I’d love to see your favorite summer look, so please share your photos below!

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