Top 7 Lingerie Rules (Male to Female Transformation Tips)

Of all the topics I cover on this blog, lingerie is definitely the most popular. And why not? There’s nothing like indulging your feminine self in a lacy bra or silk nightie.

While half the fun of lingerie is expressing your own personal style, there are certain “rules” worth keeping in mind.

Are you following “the rules?”

Find out by reviewing my top 7 lingerie rules – specifically for crossdressers and transgender women.

Rule #1: Know thy bra size

Most women wear the wrong bra size, so there’s a good chance that you might be too. A bra that doesn’t fit right is uncomfortable and creates unattractive bumps and bulges. No girl needs that!

Your best option is to be professionally fitted for your bra size. (Don’t be afraid to go in for a fitting. Many lingerie shops are transgender-friendly, especially if you call ahead.) I also wrote an entire post on finding your bra size here.

A bra strap peeking out of your top can be sexy. Visible panty lines? Not so much. Here are 5 ways to avoid VPL (visible panty lines):

  • Make sure your panties fit right. If they’re too tight, they’ll dig in and create bulges. Too loose and they’ll wrinkle and bunch up.
  • Try seamless underwear for a smoother look. Seamless panties are made without seams or trimmings that can show through clothes.
  • Wear a thong. No visible panty lines there!
  • Go for boyshorts. Boyshorts might not sound girly, but they’re actually really cute and don’t create panty lines.
  • Avoid cotton panties. Cotton undies have a tendency to bunch up.

While the rule about matching your shoes and bag is outdated, your bra and panties should look like a set. Mismatched lingerie looks sloppy and even if nobody sees it but you, why not look your best? The colors don’t have to be an exact match, but they should at least coordinate.

Rule #4: Choose high quality fabrics

Since lingerie is worn next to your body, fabric makes all the difference in the world. High quality fabrics feel great, lay more smoothly, and last longer. Cheap fabrics wear out quickly and can even trap odors. (Eww!) Look for lingerie constructed with quality fabrics like jersey, silk, rayon, and cotton.

Do you own any ratty panties or stretched out bras? If so, toss them immediately. It’s hard to feel sexy and feminine in worn out lingerie, so get rid of anything that’s lost its luster. Most lingerie items need to be replaced every 18 months or so.

To extend your bra’s life span, let your bra rest a day between wearings to keep the elastic from stretching out. If you only own one bra, that means it’s time to shop for another one (or 10!).

Rule #7: Buy lingerie that fits your lifestyle

Do you have a bunch of sexy underthings, yet nothing practical to wear under your clothes? Or maybe you lack certain feminizing shapewear pieces. Lingerie should fit your lifestyle, so take stock. Are you missing anything from these categories?

  • Basics – T-shirt bra, seamless panties, pantyhose, etc.
  • Shapewear – Control cami, girdle, padded panties, pocketed bra for breast forms, etc.
  • Sleepwear – Nightgown, robe, sleep bra, etc.
  • Sexy – Lace bra and panties, body suit, garter, etc.
  • Activewear – Sports bra, moisture wicking panties, etc.
Let’s talk lingerie!

What do you think of these lingerie rules? Do you agree with them? Do you have any lingerie rules of your own?

Please share in the comments below! And for bonus points, don’t forget to upload a photo of your favorite lingerie look.

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