Top 10 Dos and Don’ts for Your Male to Female Transformation


So many things go into being a woman… makeup and clothing are just the beginning!

To help you be your best feminine self, here are my top 10 dos and don’ts for your male to female transformation.

Comparing yourself to cisgender (genetic) women can set you up for disappointment. Remember, they have a lot of advantages – including being born and raised female!

This isn’t a competition. Instead, focus on being the best feminine version of YOU.

While you shouldn’t compare yourself to other women, it IS a good idea to observe and learn from them.

When you see a woman who looks put together, observe the details. How does she dress, speak, move, and behave? You don’t need to be a copycat, but incorporate some of these details into your own image.

The shape of your body broadcasts your gender, so one of the most important items to invest in is great shapewear. This is even more essential than spending money on expensive clothing!

Depending on your natural shape, you may want to invest in the following:

  • Breast forms in an ideal shape/size for your body
  • Waist cincher
  • Padded panties (with butt and hip padding)
  • Control top pantyhose

There’s nothing quite as jarring as a beautifully made up woman with a voice that doesn’t match.

While it’s not essential to have the most perfectly pitched voice, putting some effort into a congruent voice will have a big impact on your image. Check out The 30 Day Crash Course for a guided 30 day voice feminization program.

Dressing appropriately for your age is a style must for every woman.

This is NOT to suggest that you have to look like a frump if you are above a certain age. You simply need to choose pieces that reflect the best version of you without looking too young or too old. See my 3 Rules for Dressing Sexy at Any Age for more on this topic.

The biggest mistake you can make is overdoing it. This applies to all women!

Wearing too much makeup, dressing too sexily, and over-exaggerating your movements are all no-nos. These big mistakes attract the wrong kind of attention. Instead, think subtle and stylish.

7. DO get a second opinion

It’s hard to see ourselves objectively. That’s why everybody needs a trusted friend for a second opinion. If you don’t have a girlfriend you trust nearby, find a forum or even post your images in the comments section here for an objective opinion on your image.

Your safely is the most important thing, so needless to say, you should choose your environment wisely. If you go out en femme, do so in a safe environment where you are likely to be met with acceptance and support.

Your body language and movements communicate more about you than almost anything else. Pay attention to your movements by keeping them fluid and feminine. Check out these articles for more tips:

Whether you’re at home or in public, being a woman is supposed to be fun! Drop the guilt, the comparisons, and the need for perfection and enjoy being the woman that you are!

What are YOUR top dos and don’ts?

Now that you’ve seen my list, what are YOUR top dos and don’ts? Please share in the comments below!  

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