How to Feminize Broad Shoulders (MTF Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

I’m often asked how to minimize the look of broad shoulders. Fortunately, there’s lots you can do to downplay your shoulders and feminize your body proportions.

But first things first… Don’t feel bad about the size of your shoulders!

Many cisgender (genetic) women have broad shoulders – including some of the most beautiful models and celebrities in the world.

Instead, try these 10 tips and techniques to minimize your shoulders while creating an elegant and feminine look.

1. Find a flattering neckline

As a general rule, you should avoid square or horizontal necklines. Instead, opt for necklines with rounded or vertical lines to help soften and slim your shoulders. For example:

Neckline DOs

  • V-neck
  • Scoop neck
  • Halter tops
  • Thick shoulder straps

Neckline DON’Ts

  • Bateau neck
  • Square neck
  • Strapless or sleeveless tops
  • Spaghetti straps

2. Wear the right size breast forms

Your breast forms should be large enough to balance out your shoulders. However, they shouldn’t be so big that they add excessive bulk to your upper body. Here are some guidelines for choosing a cup size:

  • If you have a small frame – choose a B or C cup.
  • If you have a medium frame – choose a C or D cup.
  • If you have a large frame – choose a D cup or larger.

3. Wear darker colors on top

Dark colors have a slimming effect, so an easy way to balance your proportions is to wear dark colors on top and light colors on the bottom.

4. Choose your sleeves wisely

Sleeves can have a big impact (good or bad) on the appearance of your shoulders. Here are some suggestions:

  • Avoid sleeves that cut horizontally across your biceps.
  • Avoid puffy or ruffled sleeves.
  • Look for sleeves with a slimming diagonal cut.
  • 3/4 length sleeves are universally flattering.

5. Avoid shoulder pads

This tip is obvious. Shoulder pads are the last thing you need, so don’t be afraid to cut them out of your tops and jackets.

6. Distract with a printed bottom

Drawing people’s eyes away from your shoulders is a great distraction technique. Bring attention to your lower body with a printed or embellished bottom.

7. Wear skirts that flare out

Skirts that flare out at the bottom help balance the width of your shoulders, creating a more feminine silhouette. Look for gathered, flared, pleated, and/or a-line skirts. Avoid strait skirts and fitted pants.

8. Choose the right jacket

When it comes to jackets, you should avoid broad collars and double breasted styles. Instead, opt for single breasted jackets with a narrow collar and lapels.

9. Know your best necklace length

Long necklaces create vertical lines that help slim the upper body. Avoid short, chunky necklaces and chokers.

10. Find a flattering hairstyle

Yes, even the right hairstyle helps. Here are some guidelines:

  • Hair that falls above or below your shoulders is most flattering.
  • Avoid hairstyles that fall at exactly shoulder length.
  • Straight hair emphasizes the angles of your body and can make the shoulders look wider.
  • Full, wavy hair helps soften the shoulders and balances broader body proportions.

In conclusion

Never forget that you can look beautiful and feminine at any size or shape. The secret is to distract from so-called flaws while playing up your assets.

Do you have broad shoulders? If so, what are your favorite tips for looking your best when getting dressed?

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