Why Dragqueen plus made to fit

DragQueen plus  is the ideal brand for the discriminating customer who appreciates style and design at fair and affordable price points.

  • All clothing is designed in the USA
  • All clothing styles are made to fit the male body and create feminine appeal
  • The one and only all-encompassing fashion line for the CD/TG community
  • Over 20 years of TG fashion experience
  • Dedicated staff who care about your lifestyle, needs and satisfaction
  • DragQueen plus supports LGBT charitable organizations
  • Exclusive designs with Pocketbras and silicone padding
  • New styles are always on trend each fashion season


  • Deceive customers by selling women’s plus sized garments that fit men poorly
  • Do NOT allow returns or refunds
  • Use cheap materials and have no quality control
  • May not respect the CD/TG community
  • Have sub par products and take a “bargain basement” approach
  • Sell women’s panties & lingerie to TG without wider crotches and no support
  • Are off trend selling the same styles for years with no exciting fashionable additions


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