Crossdress Transvestite Breast Forms Enhancer Silicone Fake Breast False Boobs


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Size weight(g)/pair Cup
S 500 34A/36A/38AA
M 600 34B/36A/38AA
L 800 34C/36B/38A
XL 1000 34D/36D/38C
2XL 1200 36D/38D/40C
3XL 1400 38DD/40D/36E
4XL 1600 40DD/42D/36E
5XL 1800 42DD/40D/46C
6XL 2000 42E/46D/48D
7XL 2400 44E/46DD/48D
8XL 2800 46E/48D/50D
9XL 3200 48E/50DD/D52
10XL 3600 50E/52DD/54D
11XL 4100 EE/F/FF
12XL 4600 H/HH
13XL 5000 I/J
14XL 6000 JJ/K


Made from latex.

Foam filled so “squeezable.”

Lightweight and easy to wear, weighing under 1 lb.

Available A-K cup size

Natural skin tones.

Additional information


size 1(32A-34AA), size 2(32B-36AA), size 3(32C-38AA), size 4(32D-40AA), size 5(32DD-42AA), size 6(32E-44AA), size 7(32F-46AA), size 8(32G-48AA), size 9(32H-50AA), size 10(32I-50A), size 11(32J-50B), size 12(32K-50C)


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