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Size Weight(g)/pair Length*width* height/(cm) Cup
M 600 21.5*16*5 B
L 800 23*18.5*5.5 C
XL 1000 25*19*6 D
2XL 1200 26*22*6.5 E
3XL 1600 27*24*7 F
4XL 2000 29*25*7.5 G
5XL 2400 33*28*8 H

TIPS: Length is long diameter, width is short diameter and height is from base to top.


After many requests from those who love our C-cup skin set, we are proud to present this new style with a HUGE E cup size with “skin” to cover your existing chest!  This is a pair of latex, foam-filled E-cup breasts with the added bonus of extra “skin” that goes up to the neckline with straps that fasten around the back of the neck.  These look fantastic under clothing, as you can see from the photographs with a nice “cleavage” look.  The breasts have a beautiful, natural droop.  Clothing will hold the sides in place, or you can use spirit gum to securely attach them to your own skin (available in our store).


Made from 100% latex.

Foam filled so “squeezable.”

Lightweight and easy to wear.

Approximately A-H cup size

Natural skin tones.

Chest area measures 15″ across at widest point.  Straps are 11.5″ from the top of the breast to the top of the strap, but they are stretchy and curve, so there is some give.

Concave opening on the back so any existing breast tissue can fit inside allowing breasts to conform to your natural chest without additional bulk.

Breasts protrude approximately 4 3/4″ from chest.

Natural-looking nipples that will protrude under clothing.

Can be held in place with spirit gum, adhesive strips or water washable adhesive (ALL AVAILABLE IN OUR STORE)

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size 2(32B-36AA), size 3(32C-38AA), size 4(32D-40AA), size 5(32DD-42AA), size 6(32E-44AA), size 7(32F-46AA), size 8(32G-48AA), size 9(32H-50AA), size 10(32I-50A), size 11(32J-50B), size 12(32K-50C)


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